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PRICING: $3,000 Bernedoodles and black/white sheepadoodles.
$3,500 rare brown/white sheepadoodles

Breeding rights available – contact us with interest for additional pricing

Bella Pure bred female Bernese Mt. Dog. She has a very gentle and loving personality, who loves spending time getting attention through petting, and being active with her family. She is an awesome therapy dog who naturally serves to those in need. She is a low energy dog with a high volume of love to offer everyone she comes in contact with! She weighs approximately 85 lbs., and loves every man and dog she comes into contact with.

F1 Bernedoodle Female
Izzy is an amazing dog! Super smart, loving and obedient. She easily adapts to her surroundings, gets along well with other dogs. Very polite and well mannered dog, who loves being man’s best friend , and hanging out or going outdoors. She has lots of calmness to her to offer those in need. Also used as a therapy dog. Her weight is 67 pounds.

Hazel is a pure bred female Bernese Mt. Dog who is very playful, and loves to play fetch and every dog game that was ever known of! There is always a smile on her fade as she strives to make life fun for her and those around her. She has a very gentle and loving personality, and loves going on adventures and hikes. She weighs approximately 85 lbs and a lover of every man and dog she comes into contact with. Life is awesome with a little Hazel added to it!

Pure bred female Bernese Mt. Dog,
Mocha is a wise dog who seems to adapt well to her surroundings. She’s mellow and easy going with great watchdog characteristics. She loves to play with all other dogs. Very good natured dog like most Bernese. Mocha had an instant bond with us when she arrived at our kennel. Very loyal to the person that provides for her. She especially enjoys playing with Hazel. Her and Hazel have grown up together from the same litter, so there is a real bond between the two of them. Amazing to observe how they watch out for each other. That trait is carried through in their characteristics for caring for their owners. She weights approximately 90 lbs. and is everyone’s best friend!

PearlF1 female Sheepadoodle who loves observing her surroundings and protecting the ones she loves. She enjoys companionship with her family, walking in the country, making sure her area is guarded and safe. She has a tendency to know what’s going on in the neighborhood, like the neighborhood watchdog would. Pearl is the life of the party, loves starting games with other dogs making it a day full of fun! Has such a playful way about her! She is well mannered with children, loves to keep up with them, and enjoys their attention. Her weight is approximately 60 pounds.

RUBY – Pure bred female Bernese Mountain Dog. She weighs 65 pounds. She has a very playful disposition. Ruby loves being outdoors. She doesn’t know a stranger. Always ready to greet other dogs and humans to her territory for a day of playing. She enjoys learning new things and keeping up with what’s going on at the kennel. She’s adventurous and always up for spending time with her family on outings. She is a total genuine lover of all!

Female F1 Bernedoodle.
Brownie is a very trained obedient dog who loves spending time with her family. Brownie has a wonderful disposition that brings about a smile to those around her,. Mature in her actions in being loyal to her family, and whatever adventure there may be. She is very adaptable to her surroundings. Her weight is approximately 65 pounds.

Tobi pure bred male miniature poodle. He weighs 11 pounds. Has a unique goofy personality that loves to initiate playful activities, keeping the home he dwells in a fun filled atmosphere! He is very smart, and gets along exceptionally well with every one. He’s just an overall balanced delightful dog that is loved by all!

Pure bred male standard phantom poodle.
Zeus has beautiful markings that reflect in his puppies . He especially adores children, and visiting elderly. He’s such a fun dog to be around! His sweet temperament, and high intelligence support him in being unique. He is loved by everyone who meets him. His weighs 75 lbs.

A SPECIAL NOTE: We do our best to provide the information we state in this website. We do not put into practice performing x-rays to confirm pregnancies on our mommas to preserve the health of her and her future puppies. Thank you for your patience as we go through the process of providing you with healthy puppies and confirming pregnancies the old fashion way of just waiting and letting nature takes it’s course. We are grateful for the opportunity to work closely with our customers, each one worth the extra care we strive to provide to them! Thank You!