Midwest Doodle Pups’ Policies

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Dear Customers; Please note! A puppy is not reserved until a deposit is made for it, and by making a deposit you agree to our policies.

Please spend a little time reading our policies below, and if you feel that one of our puppies would be a good fit for you, Contact Us to make the deposit.

Our customers care: We at Midwest Doodle Pups do not “Prescreen” our customers, although we do expect them to provide great homes for our puppies. We have sold puppies to a lot of wonderful people across the country and have the assurance they went to good homes. If you feel you have done your homework on the cost associated with a new dog, the care and attention needed to develop him/her into adulthood and beyond, and have adequate living space we welcome you to go ahead and reserve one of our puppies.

The smile of a happy playful puppy says more than words can describe.
“A smile is the beginning of Love!”

We also offer a 2 year genetic health guarantee on our puppies. There are many things that can affect the long term health of a dog including genetics. While genetic health is an issue of concern, an equal or greater factor is diet and exercise. In this sense we are taking a risk, with a 2 year guarantee, not knowing how well the puppies will be taken care of. We choose to trust that they will be in good homes.

Our Deposit Policy: We operate on a first come first serve basis per our Reservation List. A deposit for a puppy is required in order to be on our ON HOLD List. The deposit for a puppy is $309. ($9 transaction fee) The $300 balance will be due upon picking up your puppy (cash or VenMO) or just prior to the puppy going home if it’s transported. Puppies will be available at 8 weeks.

NEW Hold List: (Step 2). Planning is important to us and our customers. In order for us to effectively plan our litters, we have developed this new Hold List. If you are interested in planning for a future puppy, we invite you to sign up for our new ON HOLD List. This list is for those customers serious about planning for theIr perfect puppy, and waiting on this list with us while we work to schedule the litters best fitting for the heat cycles of our females. A $309 deposit is required for your name to be placed on the new Hold List. Please note: The availability of puppies is based off the heat cycles of our females verses the availability of our sires. We will continue to post updates on litters in this website.

Reservation List: We are NOT accepting reservations at this time. See our new ON HOLD List that allows us the opportunity to manage our upcoming litters more effectively. Our customer who sign up for the ON HOLD List understands that we are working hard to meet the demands for puppies, while considering what’s best for the females as our number one priority in scheduling their upcoming litters.

Waiting List: (Step 1) If you are interested in being contacted when we have a puppy that is available, you can sign up for our Waiting List (no fees). We will add you to our list of potential customers. The form is located on the Contact Us page of our website. This list is for those interested in being a potential customer, but not ready to make a commitment of a deposit. Please mark “Waiting List” when completing the form. At any time you would like to move your name to the new ON HOLD List (Deposit of $309 required), please let us know.

There’s nothing like a good ole fashion puppy pile created by the puppies themselves!

Get added to our new ON HOLD List by leaving your deposit with the Paypal button below.

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Fun kennel play time with two Bernedoodle puppies

Pickup and Delivery: Local pickup is preferred, but we do sell a lot of puppies that need to be transported. We have ground transportation options in the mid-section of the United States (addition cost to the customer.) or we can fly your puppy to an airport in your area (at your expense) We would be happy to discuss the different options with you and help you decide what option would be best suited for you.

Refunds: If perchance something would happen to your puppy while you have a deposit on it we would let you pick another puppy, use it for a future litter. If however you would default and not want the puppy after all, your deposit would then be used to help locate a new home for him/her.

Guarantee and Health warranty: We want every puppy to go home happy and healthy, but as it is with people, things can happen and go wrong in puppy world. To ensure that all is well in its new environment we ask that if possible your puppy is checked by a vet within 72 hours of going home. Any normal costs incurred are the responsibility of the buyer. If there would happen to be any problems we would need a proof of the veterinarian visit, health records, and invoice. At that time, you would be reimbursed for the cost of treatment. (That amount not exceeding the cost of the dog.)

Delivery Options: If you need assistance with transportation for your puppy, we can help you with that. We have a delivery service (consisting of our friends and family) that can meet you half way, or possibly deliver to your door.

“Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoyed viewing our website, and will consider giving us the opportunity to provide your family with a puppy!!” Midwest Doodle Pups Family Kennel