Our country kennel is located on our small farm in the Midwest (Northwest MO) where we love and raise our Bernedoodles to share the wonderful breed with others.
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Brownie and Zeus  F1B Bernedoodles (ave wt. 65-75#)

Nala and Zeus F1 Bernedoodles (ave wt. 65/75#)

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Each one of our Bernedoodle puppies comes to you with a doggy bag containing the following:

* Vaccination / deworming records/Micro-chipped
* One year genetic health warranty
* Health certificate from our veterinarian
* Doggie goodie bag

After you’ve read our policies and paid your deposit to reserve your puppy, we will contact you to schedule a time for pick up. Please call or Contact Us with any questions!

** Note: Please take a moment to read through our Policies before reserving your puppy. A puppy is NOT reserved until a deposit is made. By making a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our policies. Thank you!

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Our Bernedoodles

About Our Bernedoodles

We at Midwest Doodle Pups are very excited to have the opportunity to share our beautiful tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies with those who are interested in adding a gentle, loving and loyal companion to their family.

Bernedoodles have no trouble making friends, both two or four legged. This breed should fare well with other breeds as long as each have been socialized early and often. They are suitable for living in the city or country life, as long as given the desired amount of exercise and attention.

Bernedoodles tend to easily adapt to the lifestyles of their families, and the activities that have been unveiled to them. Their temperament allows them to be ok with activity or laying around on the couch during a lazy day, not requiring an excessive amount of exercise.

Midwest Bernedoodle Pups are a combination of two well-mannered and loving breeds consisting of our female Bernese Mountain Dog and our Standard Poodle. Bringing into the mix the loving gentleness of the Bernese, and the intelligence and hypoallergenic traits of no to little shedding of the poodle.

The intelligence of Bernedoodles makes training an absolute joy. Like any dog, it’s important to socialize Bernedoodles as much as possible. A little attention goes along ways. They like knowing they are being included.

The traits of Bernedoodles are generally compassionate and very gentle. Therefore, making them great choices for therapy dogs. They love serving, and being your best friend!

The average weight of our standard Bernedoodle should be between approximately 65-75 pounds.

If these characteristics seem fitting to you and your family, you should enjoy having a Bernedoodle as a member of your family. Pricing of our puppies range from $1,250 to $2,500 depending on the color and markings, and will be noted on this site as puppies are available.

We invite you to Contact Us to discuss any concerns you may have to put your mind at ease about purchasing one of our puppies. We love visiting about the characteristics of the Bernedoodles, and helping our customers make the BIG decision of adding the just right new family member!

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Previous Puppies

Below you’ll see just a few of our previous Bernedoodle puppies. If you’d like to reserve your pick from an upcoming litter, please Contact Us.