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About Midwest Doodle Pups

A pictures speaks a thousand words

At Midwest Doodle Pups, our goal is to raise each puppy with as much loving care as we can. We strive to raise healthy, sweet loving, socialized puppies that will bless our customers with years of enjoyment.

”Where our passion shows in our pedigree”

Our kennel is located on our family’s 80-acre farm in Northwest Missouri where the puppies have ample opportunities to exercise, be healthy, and enjoy all aspects of the country. We are fortunate to have our wonderful location, which has proven to provide a relaxed atmosphere for raising Bernedoodle pups. We love what we do and strive for excellence, so you can be assured our customers receive a puppy of the highest quality which is evident in our reviews!

We wanted to give our customers a breed that is hypoallergenic, well-tempered, beautiful, highly intelligent, and great with children and other furry friends. A playful breed that loves to be outside but also loves to snuggle up with family and relax on the couch. The standard poodle’s beauty, brilliance, and perfect temperament was the ideal match for a Bernese Mountain Dog.
We soon added the Sheepadoodle breed to our mix of puppies. They are such playful fun puppies! We appreciated their loyalty and police dog history with our country,

Our puppies embody the goofy, playful, intelligent characteristics of the Poodle mixed with the loyal easygoing nature and beauty of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Sheepadoodles. These dogs are dedicated to their owners and have a special bond with children. Many Midwest Doodle Pups have grown up to be service/therapy dogs because the breed’s personality and temperament is adaptable to their owner’s needs.

Midwest Doodle Pups! We proudly provide high quality puppies for families across America who desire to make this truly exceptional breed part of their family’s story and welcome them into their hearts and homes.